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HEAT Members Webring

The HEAT Members Webring v2 is the unofficial webring for HEAT members' web sites. The only qualifications to join are: You must be a HEAT member, and you must have a website with the webring HTML code (which you get when you apply to join).

What are the advantage of putting my site in the webring?
When you put your site into the webring, you get more traffic, as simple as that. The more sites there are in the webring, the better the traffic will get.

How many members are there right now?
As of this writing (Jan 14, 2000) there are 88 sites in the webring and 44 sites in the queue, waiting approval. Those 44 will be added when I see that they have the proper HTML code placed on them.

What kind of sites are appropriate for the webring?
Any game related site will be accepted. Your site does not have to be centered on HEAT info, just something game related. Personal sites will also be accepted, as long as you are a HEAT member. This includes "About Me" sites only. This does NOT include any other kind of site. Example: a pro wrestling website would not be accepted, even if it was created by a HEAT member.

But, I've seen sites that aren't game related in this webring before.
Webmasters can change their content at any time and I have no control over it. Nor do I have the time to scan every page in the webring to check their content.

Alright, how do I sign up for this webring?
Just fill out the form below and submit it.

Recent Ring News

March 12, 2000 -- Ring HTML Fragment was changed to the one you see below. Fixes some problems I've noticed over the first year of the ring. It is also smaller and loads faster. Changing the code is OPTIONAL for members.

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